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On the Journal

How often is the journal released?

The journal is released twice a year - a summer and a winter issue.

Are the texts reviewed?

Yes, the board of the journal reserves the right to reject a text in case of inaccurate data or in case the formal rules of text formatting are not observed.

For my records I also need a confirmation of paper publishing? How to proceed my requirement?

The Confirmation might be brought only to such authors whose papers has been accepted and published. In case of ordering simply notify "yes " in the section: "The ordering party is the author of a article in the journal:" of online form. The confirmation will be send to you with the journal.

What are the core branches for the journal?

The journal does not focus on any particular scientific branches. Texts across branches are accepted.

What is the ISSN number of the journal?

The ISSN was allocated for both the physical and online form of the journal. The record is available here.

Grant Journal ISSN 1805-062X (CD-ROM)
Grant Journal ISSN 1805-0638 (Online)


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